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Disputes Procedure

There are some basic groundrules that we all need to follow - and that we already have. They are listed on the wiki under the terms of service. The following is a procedure to follow when we think those ground rules may have been broken.

  • If someone feels aggrieved in any way, they should either:
       1. write to aktivix-admins (privately archived list)

OR (if the individual does not want to raise the matter directly her/himself)

      2. write to a member of the aktivix-admins mailing list

This email should explain the nature of the complaint with some background and a suggested solution.

  • If the non-involved members of aktivix-admins feel that there is sufficient justification for the complaint, they should try to ascertain from both parties whether there is scope for compromise in order to resolve the situation. This should also include any mitigating facts, relevant past behaviours, or any other information that is thought to be relevant.

NOTE: It is strongly advised that all parties put as much effort as they can into trying to find an acceptable (to everyone) resolution to the situation. This will, on occasion, mean that both parties have to agree to an outcome that may not be quite what they originally wanted.

  • The uninvolved aktivix-admins should decide what sanctions will be applied in the event that a compromise is unable to be reached. this may include any or all of the following:
       - removal of root privileges on one or more servers
       - removal from the aktivix-request list
       - removal from the aktivix-admins list
       - removal from any other aktivix list (whether related to
         aktivix or simply a list hosted by aktivix for another
       - removal of any other aktivix service (e.g. email)

Additionally, this revocation of privileges should be time-associated - that is, the minimum length of time before which reinstatement of the removed privileges will be considered. This may vary from a minimum of 2 weeks to a maximum of forever.

  • The decision of the collective is final and there is no opportunity to appeal unless there is a substantial fact that has not already been considered.