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Ok, so you have finally received an email confirming that you have a brand new email account with Aktivix. The email will have told you things like these ...


I have now created your aktivix email address. You can log here:


You will be informed about a certificate. Always say "yes" or "ok". If you don't manage to log in, please download firefox on http://www.mozilla-europe.org/en/

It is important that you log with an encrypted connection and you remain with it.

If you have received your password on an email, change it immediately. Try and use at least 8 characters and do include numbers or other signs, like !%$ ...

In order to send emails, you will need to allow pop-up windows for aktivix.

There is some documentation on horde, the software we use for aktivix web mail, here:


You can also set up your mail client to receive mail via pop or imap. Settings are:

POP/IMAP Mail Server: newyear.aktivix.org

Security Settings: SSL (this will use port 993 for IMAP, 995 for POP)

Outgoing server is the same - newyear.aktivix.org Select use TLS. The SMTP port will be 25.

If your email client asks whether authentication is secure, answer is no: NO secure authentication

If you have serious problems, you can ask on irc ... http://chat.indymedia.org/?chans=aktivix