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Two questions strike me immediately when looking at the first page.

1 - Where's the link to the iso (file with the data to burn to CD)?

2 - Why have you got more than one of some types of software. When I first met computers, I really just wanted someone to say "use this", and while thats not very nice and democratic, on this occaision it would be worth it to save time in updating the software. Why include Mozilla web-suite anyhow, everything which is needed is in Firefox and Thunderbird, and its better.

Anyhow, other than that, its a great idea and will hopefully help in getting the Open Source movement out of the "people writing their own software" era and into the "people going round updating other people's computers" era. Fingers crossed, one day we'll get campus upgrade teams sorted to use CD's like this to update their friend's computers. A "bring your laptop" event or just a stall with lots of tech people working it will also help. Until microsoft loses its market share, projects like this will be vital. Keep it up!

Rebel W