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The Aktivix Social Contract

Aktivix.org exists because we feel it is vital for communities of resistance to be able to provide for their own communication needs. We must not be forced to rely on insecure, profit driven means of communication which bombard us with mind-numbing advertising.

Aktivix.org believes in direct democracy, anti-sexism, anti-racism, anti-capitalism, self determination, local autonomy, ecology, and communal economics. For more information, you can view our purpose and political principles.

Aktivix.org affirms common cause and solidarity with a broad spectrum of the political left. However, there are some things which we cannot support. We ask that you do not use aktivix.org services to advocate any of the following:

  • Support for capitalism, domination, or hierarchy.
  • The idea that class oppression supersedes race or gender oppression.
  • The idea that national oppression supersedes race, gender or class oppression.
  • A vanguard strategy for revolution.
  • Population control.
  • Any form of nationalism, including in response to national oppression.
  • Propagation or tolerance of racist or antisemitic content.

If you disagree with this, then aktivix.org is not for you.