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What kind of lists?

Riseup has this clause and it seems we need a different wording...

We do not provide purely cultural or educational lists. Examples of lists which are outside our mission might include lists for college classes or majors, lists for upcoming music shows, lists for the general discussion of religion, etc.

from http://lists.aktivix.org/pipermail/aktivix-discuss/2004-July/000365.html

"Also the prohibition of "lists for upcoming music shows" and the general cultural / political split is also difficult for me. For instance a free festival email list could be denied under such conditions."


"I agree to deleting that for now, but think that we should also think of a rewrite that transcends or goes beyond the conventional cultural/political split!"

"Why delete it, personally I'm not interested in doing sysadmin for religious lists, people wanting those can use Yahoo as far as I'm concerned."

I'd like to find a form of words that straddles this divide between cultural and poltical, and reflects the reshaping of the technological / industrial power relationships that we hope for, will happen and are making. Organisations with cooperative perspective, building community, respecting diversity, working sustainably should be welcome here. - Bone_Idol

I don't see any need to delete it - the important work for me is 'purely'. We could perhaps add something to clarify that events with a radical/progressive element to them would be acceptable - e.g. that a free festival would be acceptable whereas a list to announce all the gigs taking place in a particular area would not - Josh