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Birmingham Meeting Meeting Feb 2011

  • James to talk to Aurora / send her some info about Aggregator sites that she can take to the Radical Bike Conference as a suggestion for a web resource they might curate regarding bike events.
  • Tim to arrange a working weekend to fix the Dawes tandem and the Brox and the soundsystem (and maybe the racer tandem too?)
  • Dan and Patrick to see how the first mixer is and buy another if necessary.
  • Dan to spend around 50 quid to get a new Bicycology iPod for films.
  • All to create entries for the bicycology blog, if and when you feel like it.
  • Tim to send details about Ecotopia Bike Tour to Bicycology list.
  • All to contact Ian if they have any friends who edit wikipedia in order to create allies and keep our wikipedia space 'valid'

Coventry Meeting 16th-17th May 2009

Our stickers seem to wear out v.quickly and also remove paint when pealed off - Tim to find out where Carbusters get theirs done

Seb to email details of how to order things and how to view the catalogue to the list......Tim is also able to order things through CTUK by the way.

Dan to sort payment for Ipod with Patrick

Patrick, can you please send a cheque for £50 to the Peace house on Bicycology's behalf. We each donated a fiver individually.

Please note that 'The Battle of the Gateaux' has now being extended to include 'Battles de Biscuit' and 'Competition de Scone' (or Scone for posh people) Current holders of the respective cupcakes are....Tim- cake, Jim -Biscuit, Im- Scone Please note these competitions are open to more than people whose names happen to rhyme with Vim.

Northampton Meeting 17th April 2009

ACTION: Patrick - Blackcurrent donation: agreed £100, plus small amount for food on top, plus feedback on good and bad points of staying here.

ACTION: Matt to contact Seeds for Change: agreed to offer either donation in kind or £50 donation and £21 expenses = £71.

ACTION: Patrick - Agreed to repay Ian £28.75 for website hosting.

Hastings Meeting 20th-23rd February 2009

Matt, Amy and Dan - Prepare a film, presentation for others

Patrick - Annual summary

Dan - Short info films to illustrate website

Seb, Matt, Aurora - set up trade account/s

Seb - will talk to owner of the Brox to clarify ownership of it.

Dan - will write a letter to the Friends Meeting house re trailer in aylesbury.

Aurora - start a difficulties list which will be circulated on the email list

All - to send any receipts of food or travel to Patrick.

Patrick - contact Anne returning money for the mechanics course to her

Ian - to investigate calendar

Dan, Amy - create feedback form

All - virtual stock room on should be updated / checked

Matt - let Patrick know about brighton party against war and greed event.

Matt, Aurora - contact Anne re what is happening with trade account.

Patrick - post a bag of spares/puncture repair kits to Anne

Dan - ask Tim about child trailer and contact Anne

"Expressions of interest"/"working groups"

Patrick, Matt, Dan, Seb, Ian - want to form webgroup.

Patrick, Liz, Imogen - research and develop better displays for power generation

Imogen - work on t shirts and better messaging on bikes

Imogen, Matt, Aurora, Seb - work on a book

Matt, Amy, Dan, Aurora - work on a CD resource for presentations

Amy, Imogen, Aurora - events and activities for women

Matt - work on a recession leaflet (Aurora, CO2 leaflet)

Patrick - finish leaflet/booklet on human power

Liz - painting bike lanes

Patrick - interested in energy box

Dan - wants to create film bike trailer

Amy - pedal generator

Ian - mini sound system

Circulate description of existing designs (James, Patrick, Ian)

Proposal: Pedal generator theoretical workshop then 3 months later practical construction workshop.

Other ideas that came up in the game and the people interested:

-Guide page about pedestrians - Dan, Seb

-Bike Blockades - Patrick Seb Liz Matt Aurora

-Field kitchen - Amy, Liz, Dan, Imogen, Ian, Seb

-Squat somewhere?

-Four day ride without leaflets - consensus that this is something we will do.

-Dwelling on a bike - Patrick knows someone making bike towed tent/caravan

Coventry Bike fixing 2009

Leicester Meeting November 2008

IAN and ANNE: write a summary sheet for use of Pedals

AMY: set up calendar for events

AMY: draft text for feeding back about events

DAN: ask Tim about getting a new ‘Nuff Global’ DVD.

ANNE: draft a “decisions made/agreements made” document

MATT: write a “how to” document for organising things.

JAMES: look at ways of tracking actions and progress

The Trike: Patrick’s trike is not really being used, he has offered it up to anyone in the group who may use it. There was a suggestion that he offers it to Bec and family.

ACTION: Liz and Patrick - resources working group/minaturisation working group (ie making our resources and activities more portable) plus personal stuff used communally.

ACTION: Aurora - local groups and use of Bicycology name.

ACTION: Anne and Liz - to pre-facilitate reviewing our aims discussion.

ACTION: Matt and Dan facilitating public debates

ACTION: Liz will get information on how other groups work

ACTION: Anne to look at at successful applications and funding

  • Routes to Solutions September 2008 *

Lancester Meeting 12th-13th July 2008

Nottingham Meeting 24th-25th May 2008

ACTION: none present members need to inform us of activities which they plan to organise

ACTION: Imogen ring/contact Chris about reverse steerer

ACTION: Mel (james to explain) Display of bikes and panniers. Manikin dressed up. Signs – one saying “All these things were brought by Bike from Lancaster”

Cat (who was at the C.C.) has emailed the info address wants to join in on Bicycology stuff but will be unable to make meetings. She is into theatre/performance but did not have a concrete proposal of what she wants to do.

Hastings Meeting 26th-27th April 2008

ACTION: James - Ask Liz if she wants to do a Roadbuilding page.

ACTION: People need to check how many guide pages they have and put the info on the stockroom (also any other stock they have).

Leicester Meeting 8th-10th March 2008

ACTION: Tim to look into us being at the Hovis Freewheel event

ACTION: Amy will email us more details on the Aberdeen University Bike Library.

ACTION: Dan (as punishment for not coming to meeting) to arrange a link on the top-tips guide page and thank you page to the ONE LESS CAR Hi-viz company

ACTION: All to request 'turbo trainers' on freecycle -these are stands to put bike in to be able to train indoors

ACTION: Tim to find out more comprehensive list of dates re: COIN Speaker Training - Day course for half hour talk or Communicating Climate Change Workshops - Day. Agreed to have one person to do each course, feedback to the group so we can decide which is most useful if others want to do.

ACTION: Amy to send out the successful APE/CPH £1500 application to anyone who needs to have a look

ACTION: Liz to post details on wiki/email details on 'How to recycle a car' workshop ideas

ACTION: Names below and ALL to actively edit new guide pages on the wiki ready for presentation at next meeting

Sustainable lifestyle tips-?

Corporate takeover of cities/Lancaster-?

It's not only CO2/ Climate change and Social Change - Aurora/Mel

Additionally:Tetrapac cover/presentation pack for guide pages - Anne/Im

Stroud Meeting 1-3rd February 2008

ACTION POINT: Andrew contact Rosport campaign about the cycle tour

ACTION POINT: Remember to pass list round at events for announcement list sign ups

Action: Announcement list information required so that info can be posted.

ACTION POINT: Paddy can you feedback from the student climate tour

ACTION POINT: help needed for people writing new guides in the correct tone

ACTION POINT: Dan and Tim to contact COIN to enquire about a workshop for a couple of bicycologists

ACTION POINT: Im, research how to talk to children – Ask charlotte about her book

ACTION POINT: Links page for wiki of interesting sites

ACTION POINT: Anne and OJ to consider a café at film nights

ACTION POINT: A seasonal food guide needed for website and then a hard copy

ACTION POINT: Tim contact Andrew about the Rosport caravan and get back to the rosport group

ACTION POINT: Wiki page needed for creating a guide on how to create caravans in the style of the G8 one [done]

ACTION POINT: talk to paddy about whether bicycologists at the student climate tour is something they would want and get a list of places and dates – Matt

Action: Liz to send Letter to CTC to say look at tab's website re: Man who flew to where he then cycled around the world.

Links page for us to use on the wiki as a group use resource

Dr. Bike (Tim, Amy, Seb, Mel) Energy trailer (Patrick, James, Dan, Mel) Creative activities (Imogen, Amy, OJ, James, Dan) Info stall, visual displays, guides and Quizzes (Imogen, Aurora, Anne, Matt, Liz) film nights (Dan, James, Matt, Aurora, Patrick) Environmental workshop and talks (Anne, Tim, Matt, Mel, Liz, Charlotte, Aurora) Public face (Imogen, Mel, Dan) Food (Anne, OJ, Aurora, Matt, Imogen, Liz) Press and publicity (to be set up later) Practicalities of tortoise (to be set up later) Action: Anne send this list to group separately so people can sign up

People can be in more than one Easily accessible working group sections on wiki

  • Next meeting need to spend time working out how to work with kids to get

issues across as they don't read the leaflets

General clarification about what type of money we are happy with from which sources and funding proposal acceptability

Rampart 14th-16 December 2007

Proposals for types of tour

1. Introductory tour - weekend tour - learn about consensus, radical politics etc. open it up to e.g. ctc bods etc. one for networking sessions for cyclists without radical critique. one for people who haven't done much cycling.

2. Bicycology Course - free courses. give greater time to talk to people so they can see we're not mad.. day courses - so we don't need accommodation.

3. Static tour - day events there, go off and do day rides, perhaps joining up with other stuff passing near-by, going to towns, 'places' etc.

4. Food Tour - find organic farms, woofing, go to supermarkets with organic farmers and do events with them and stay with them.

5. Rapid Response Spectacular Bikes are GO!!! Tour of 'events' actions, etc...

6. No One Big event

CARBUSTERS: Patrick says we should offer to write another article for them about some of the stuff in the guide. James thinks that if we get new guide pages written, we should tailor them into article friendly format.

ACTION POINT: Letter about cycle hero needs to be sent - Matt (and Liz will send a copy of it to him as he no longer has it)

ACTION POINT: To send the review of Stroud film night with comments from Jeff Cloves about the old and new ctc film night to the list: James or Imogen

ACTION: Look into ethical webspace/webhosting. Dan

We don't have many photographs on the web-site yet so Dan proposes we have a blank map of Britain with all the routes we have cycled, this would have locations you could click on and look at photos of us in those locations.

ACTION: Dan to send list of things needed for the web-site

ACTION: All, to respond where possible to dan's request for things for the web-site.

ACTION: Aurora to write some text about us doing talks/discussions.

ACTION - Liz to find photos for 2007 and 2006 tour story for web-site

Dan- do we need to come up with a devise that ties several bikes together to transport them so they can be ghost ridden.

Dan aside, last year we did about 40 bicycology days (meetings, rides, climate camp etc.)

CONSENSUS that we do as we'd planned for using meetings for action and practise.

Matt- want to spend a day filming a bike ride for our very own information film. have back up plans for everything we do especially if/ when it rains.

Jim- if the no weld trailer works then it would be a good thing to pass on.

Seb- Would be nice to squat a barn like winking circle.

ACTION POINT - Tim to follow up DoT meetings being open.

ACTION POINT - Matt to try to keep up with People & Planet.

ACTION POINT -Tim to take on Rising Tide

ACTION POINT -Patrick to take on CCN, Cranks and other local bike groups in South East

ACTION POINT -Seb - LCC, Sustrans. Seb started researching Bike manufacturers

ACTION POINT - James to make Wiki page

Have a regular slot in meetings for feedback as part of standardised agenda.

Anglesey Meeting 3-10th October 2007

ACTION POINT: Research techniques on how to communicate difficult issues [Dan, Matt, Mel]

ACTION POINT: Draft leaflet about how to get involved, and circulate for approval. [James, Patrick]

ACTION POINT: We will write down or otherwise communciate our experiences of initially getting involved in Bicycology. [All / James to facilitate].

ACTION POINT: New pages for guide to be discussed and proposals to be put on email list [Aurora, Matt, Charlotte, Im, James, Seb, Liz]

ACTION POINT: Write guide page on Climate Change and Social Justice [Mel, James]

ACTION POINT: Continue research into more eco-friendly stickers [Seb]

ACTION POINT: Guide to be reprinted when we run out, after email list notification, with additional pages if they're ready. Cost ~£300 [James & Im]

ACTION POINT: Info banner to be sent to Imogen [Tim, Imogen]

ACTION POINT: Spares to Stroud [Tim, James]

ACTION POINT: Trailer to Falmouth [Tim, Liz]

ACTION POINT: Zine/Booklet on How to do Pedal Powered Stuff, in conjunction with SEASON [Patrick]

ACTION POINT: Organise weekend get-together to make CTC 50s style film [Matt, Dan, any others interested]

ACTION POINT: Collect footage of Dutch folk using bikes in normal ways [Liz]

ACTION POINT: Brief introductions to What We Do [James] and Why we do it [Aurora]

ACTION POINT: Rewrite new members bit [James, and others]

ACTION POINT: Page about Donations [Patrick]

ACTION POINT: Pictures to be added to 2006 tour story, and split to separate pages, 2007 story to be written and pictured similarly [Patrick]

ACTION POINT: Update local groups pages [Aurora & James]

ACTION POINT: Write something about WIKI Training [James - for Mel & Anne]

ACTION POINT: Write a warning about the certificate warning [Matt]

ACTION POINT: Work out a way of sharing the info address load [Matt & Ian]

ACTION POINT: Make a Press Page [Liz, James]

ACTION POINT: Write intro to announcement list and keep it updated [Amy & Aurora]. Next announcement to go out when website sorted, monthly prompt after that.

ACTION POINT: Collate all the reports about us [Ian] and link to press page on website [James]

ACTION POINT: Pay Lou £25 [?]

ACTION POINT: Travel Pool to be treated as donations and expenses for Bicycology [Patrick]

ACTION POINT: Make page of Thank You's for website, to include funders, and explanation of our attitude to funding [Matt]

ACTION POINT: Make up list of things to make donating more fun/connected to our stuff [James]

ACTION POINT: Look into Ecodemia / Talk at Sussex Uni [James/Seb]

ACTION POINT: More advanced but still accessible maintenance guide [Seb]

ACTION POINT: Short practical films like puncture repair [Matt/?]

ACTION POINT: Film about cycling in England [Matt/?]

ACTION POINT: Pure car-culture critique film, separate from bicycology? [Matt/?]

ACTION POINT: Look into Network for Social Change funding [Patrick]

ACTION POINT: Buddy system to be used to keep people not at meetings up to date [Im>Mel, Amy>Tim, James>Paddy, Charlotte>Anne, Dan>Andrew]

ACTION POINT: Email names for the places we all live - so people can contact bicycologists local to them, and remove from website reference to local groups [All/?]

  • 2007 Tour *

Lancaster 1-3rd June 2007

ACTION: Charlotte - to look into tripod poster stand idea

ACTION: Matt - persue the Persula Foundation for funding

ACTION: Matt & Dan to upload the film and some short clips to various locations. (HALF DONE - uploaded to dan's site)

ACTION: Matt and Dan to do some more filming to get some narrative for future films

[ACTION] James to write something to send to new people (standard email).

Pages yet to come include sustainable life.

ACTION: Amy to bring 2 or 3 white coats and stethoscope.

ACTION: Paddy to ask friends about Middlesex hospital medical gear.

ACTION: James to print out receptionists' forms and possibly labels.

ACTION: Patrick to make a chalkboard and get chalk.

ACTION: all to look out for short films to screen.

ACTION: Patrick to make second pedal generator to charge Pedals II battery, and to talk to/visit Ian to discuss this and solar panels.

ACTION: James to be Action Point fascist, chasing the agreed actions, on weekly basis.

Meeting 27th -29th April 2007

Proposal of having a working group about how to build pedals

We'll do a list of the [website] sections that need writing and people will write them during the weekend.

We'll do a working group to try to figure out what to say [at the CTC Conference] and this could be used to put on the website and could help us to have a better idea of what our message is.

Discussed ways of binding - tetrapacs, staples etc. and agreed to investigate further ACTION: All.

Donna introduced herself. Donna works doing educational stuff and workshops. Has seen us at G8 and Climate Camp and is very keen to get involved.

ACTION: contact Rob Newman to see if he wants to do anything with us at any of the roadshow venues. Could send him a copy of Matts film.

Bristol 17th March 2007

ACTION: Paddy - we can get our stuff sent out to the same places as Climate Camp Stuff, thru Foye, as part of their action resource pack. A4 into thirds design ideal for if possible.

Charlotte to collate and make list of games she knows (Tim also?) (Wiki page?)

patrick to look into text for t-shirts, eco-kareoke, smoothie maker

James to write text for past and future events

Patrick to make wiki of places we've been to?

Ian to continue looking at route schematic

St Matts London January 2007

Do we want to try and get feedback from people theyíve visited.? Matt- Theyíre doing some propaganda in Lancaster and used pics of us and still have the poster up, it would be nice to know if the ghost lives on. Patrick- feedback forms are a bit of an arse but maybe send report. Matt, ring and ask people what they thought. Matt- have a page on the wiki? Patrick sayís heíll put one up so people can add stuff when they think of it, or when they get feedback and past contact details.Everyone who has a contact should put on wiki or send to Patrick.Auroras up for writing it. Dan will post but wonít write.

What are we about?

Soundbites, having better info and displays. Being more general, sustainability, food. (pracy of Charlotte read meetings). Bikes as symbol of sustainability and independence. Also making them not a geek thing. Anarchist agenda. Low carbon lifestyle, less is more. Need to be strong on how climate change can be tacked and the seriousness of the threat. Food Transport and Economics that we use as the basis of what we do.

Treasure hunt, (Worksheets or info hunts we could have three different age groups and ones for different types so kids donít copy each other).

pub quizzes.

Cartoon strips.

t-shirt, costumes,

physical games, (ones that explain concepts ie war on wants globeopoly

Idents in between films that we show,

websites- pledges to go onto websites, testimonies from people who use their bike for normal things.

Things where you stick their heads in for a photo. Shot with their bike and why they ride to go on website.

Cds to hand out with our top tunes and soundbites on. Badges. Stickers.

Imogen: puppet show practicalities

Dan: signpost (reflective)

Matt wants to do practical stuff at every meeting.

Matt: wants people to add to a dictionary which would hyperlink to websites which would explain terminology. Add to it on the Wiki.

Matt: his mum has big house in Brittany ferry tickets from Portsmouth 25 per cent off and two people go for free, forty quid each. Matts mum will cook for us ALL WEEKEND! Matt says we can go whenever - maybe it's unfair to do it for a Meeting. Will take 5 days

Dan & Matt have a notion now to film particular routes from a-b to see if we can interest other councils in paying for videos of their routes (with maps and junction info and generally create a bit of a guide)

It is good to own equipment and therefore have control of it, but on other hand it's good to interact with other groups and borrow.

Leicester meeting 11 November 2006

11 people

Patrick and Chris to draft generic report/article about this year’s tour

Patrick to add section to Wiki for ideas of publications we can try to get an article in

Liz suggests a trip to Holland to document a bike focused alternative to car culture.

Big important/fundamental things we need to improve on:

health issues - sustainable load bearing

gender issues - men-bikes girls-people/kids


Patrick to research [trike] further to see about solar capacity, speeds and cost, etc.

Paddy - Malcolm in Sheffield keen to help people build own hammock-style recumbents

Dan suggested weighing the energy trailer and other units for comparisons

Patrick - we should have more sports massage skills between us

Need more simple explanations - eg. a less wordy version of the guide

Tim - we should look at CTC environmental education resources

Go round - what are our messages

SO we need a few messages that we are all clear about - perhaps Dr Bike, Dr Planet, Dr Head

remember we have our constitution - has a good summary of our aims

Idea: we are about sustainable transport, sustainable consumption, sustainable health (physical, mental & social)

- Dan needs ideas & people to be responsible for different sections [of website] - and update regularly - he can suggest practicalities about how to find things easily on the website

ACTION: by w/end 25/26th all put all ideas for website on wiki (for Dan to then organise)

  • 2006 Tour *

Matilda, Sheffield 20-21 May 2006

12 present

Matt presented an idea for a "philosophical bike ride" next year.

We had consensus that the Roadshow is essentially vegan, but with a concern voiced by Charlotte (and Paddy?).

Business card: handy size for promotion. Bike stickers (reflective?). Ask Imogen to work on design.

Matt to think of parts needed for building a new bike as a project. Matt and Chris liaise.

St Matts 05-08 2006

8 present

Off centre wheels - Tabs

We put in 25,000 labour equivalent Materials & Equipment 5,500 Printing 3,000 Volunteers Expenses 2,800

3. 4th March 2006

11 present

Mutant/Funky bikes/bike games - Tabs & Jack looking into wobbly BMX

2. Sheffield, Matilda - Jan 28th 2006

11 present

Ian will look at iPod type radio transmitters.

1. Nottingham, Sumac - G8 Bikeride Gathering 12-13th November

15 present

More general aims / ideas

(taken from Hastings Feb 2009 meeting)

-Make a statement / propose a campaign / defining a goal Focusing on a policy or law that is problematic, and how we develop changes. Although others suggested that other groups are lobbing therefore no need to do this Some suggested that we could feed through other lobbing groups May not need to actually campaign on an issue, might just make statement e.g on web One example of a campaign would be, bikes on trains

-Getting new members Organising an open bike ride, this attracts new people. Consider being more open with our bicycological identity.

-Sharing bike mechanic skills

-Get guide pages out to people more

-Local groups Encouraging local bicycology action

-Lecture tours Prepare talks to give to local interested groups

-Get better at recording what we do and achieve

-Make a film Get together for a weekend to do this?

-Facilitate direct action taking place with members of bicycology

-Put ourselves outside of our comfort zones Directly communication with people who disagree with our ideas

-Be more confident in sharing our knowledge

-Be more interactive with the people we do event for and with more them than us as it is at the minute

-Share our workshops (developed at Roots)

-Sharing our knowledge within the activist community

-Sharing our knowledge outside the activist community

-Be careful with our reputation, that it does not get out of hand, so we can't live up to it!

-Develop battery-less bike lights

-Think about a Bicycology work space?

-Change website to allow easy contribution by all

-Annual report

-Award 'Bicycology award' for work by someone outside bicycology who fits with our aims 'best' and 'worst' USE MEETING TIME AS ACTIVITY WEEKEND

COULD A BETTER FOCUS BE DEFINED - Not all members of the group would need to be involved on 'the focus'. A working group could exist.

(taken from anglesey playtime brainstorm)

play games with members of the public

ride together in spectacular formations

ride in nothing but aprons

ride blindfolded tandem

perform better version of cycle hero and film it

move faster next time we ride

move faster next time we get ready to ride

get more people to ride with us

act as facilitators

ride bikes in tescos

superglue ourselves and blockade bmw

bicycology family bike ride – our families – dan's tomorrow

park bikes at Dep. of Transport – bike paths plan4 Britain

quit jobs and start vegan farm & eat cakes 7 times a day

steal b4A bikes --> honalulu choc

make key objectives for next year

avert planetary disaster

stop tour – more localised events

bicycology workshop – bikes of dreams

tall bike tour

commercial release the humble magnificient

the bike circus from Manchester join us

put U R Driving Climate Chaos pics on net

Festival of no car park

lock on to police till let it go

bike festival somewhere of own

20-seater bicycology conference bike

motorway critical mass – M1

adopt left over bike libraries

boycott bike factories

start massive critical masses

chain trashed bike to car factory

all ride unicycles – save resources

bicycology shin-dig

bikes in ground - formations– view from planes

Guerrilla bike lanes

World's first pedalo critical mass – jump out at city airport (bikes carried on pedalo for this)

punch and judy trailer – inflatable airplane to punch

invite dude world tour

bike caravan for tour

trailers out of bamboo

build bike out of stick

hemp composit bike frame

bikes for students not buses

bicycology free bike scheme

Gov. free bike every city

lock selves to bikes – bargaining