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This could be really useful but needs updating

Title: Length: Formats: Big it up: Contact: Permission?:

Eat. Sleep. Bikes?

DVD (Dan)

The Winking Circle

DVD (Dan)

Leicester Films

Cyclemagic, Bikes for All, etc. - DVD (James)

Bike Like U Mean It

45 mins - DVD - Hectic but good film about Austin bike community - Critical Mass, Yellow (Free) Bike Project, Cyclown Project, etc. - Not the educational copy, so not full permission (James', but he doesn't have at the moment - where is it?)

World Naked Bike Ride

45 minutes - DVD - Jon snow narrated, lots of nudity, amusing. went down well in coventry on 2006 tour - Think it's copywrite free so we can play whenever

Cycle of Peace

Too long - DVD - Film about Bikeride to Israel/Palestine (james has)

Rob Newman's History of Oil

30 mins?

Reach for the Sky

Opposition to Avaition doc - DVD - (James)

Underwater bike repair

james has (dvd)

The End of Suburbia

Film about peak oil (Patrick)

The Take

Film about worker takeover of factory in Argentina - long - (james has copy)

Belleville Rendez-Vous


Reel to Reel Vol 3

Includes G8 bikeride, naked bike ride, critical mass etc (Patrick)

Drowned Out




SchNEWS at Ten


The Big Ask


Undercurrents News Network No 1


Letter to the prime minister

Jo Wilding doing circus stuff in Iraq - DVD (james)