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Logistics and Tat

Following the May meeting we agreed to put up a list of stuff that we are taking and stuff we still need to get hold of. If we add size and weight this will help us work out who can carry what (and whether we need more trailers!).


REMEMBER - people/tents do not necessarily match - this is just to know we have enough tents for bodies, so don't stress if you get put in a tent with tim...

Tent One: Two Spaces - both taken. (matt/aurora)

Tent Two: Two Spaces - both taken (andrew/patrick)

Tent Three: Three Spaces - one taken (charlotte) two spaces free!!!

Tent Four: Two spaces - both taken (imogen/james)


Patrick - is no longer homeless..but he can bring tiny one-person tent if necessary

Ian - will have bivi bag to suplement ludicrously thin sleeping bag and so will be able to survive without a tent, but will hapilly occupy a spare tent space if one is available.

Dr.Bike Trailer

2 tool kits (5kg and quite bulky)

1 large workstands (4 kg but large) 1 small workstand (500g)

Surgeon's outfits and props Nurses kit Greens - got, Liz.

Foot pump - quite light and small - will bring unless i'm told we really don't need it..? Matt - No, we really don't need it as we're bringing a trackpump (Chris)

A1 laminated posterboard (needed) - can maybe bring an estate agents board...only a2 i think...matt

Bike-stand generator (around 4kg)

AltTech Trailer - Towed by Patrick?

(still under development!)

(around 30 kg total - some of this equipment will have to be shared out amongst other trailers!)

Bike trailer chassis and body (8 kg)

20 watt solar panel (0.4kg?)

5 watt demo wind turbine (0.5 kg?)

60 watt rear axle stand bike generator (4kg?)(going in Dr Bike trailer?)

Three sealed lead acid batteries (7.5 kg), charge controller (0.3kg?), various electrical bits (0.2 kg)

Compact 100 watt soundsystem (5kg?)

Portable DVD player (1kg?)

Projector (for screenings at venues) (2.5kg)(NEEDED)

MP3 player (0.1kg)

Gameboy, voltage regulator and fan (0.5 kg)

Renewable energy display boards (0.5 kg)(NEEDED)

12 volt Bubble machine (0.5kg) plus bubble mixture (1 kg)

? 300 watt inverter for short projector screenings outside ? (2kg) (NOT NOW BEING TAKEN UNLESS SOMEONE TWISTS MY ARM - james says will consider taking if other people think worthwhile, maybe could be taken to rampart to be considered in context of everything, if can be left somewhere safe while were away - dan's house?)

Film Trailer - Towed by demi-bent tandem (for filming)

Maybe not needed as a seperate trailer... Video Cameras - hopefully at least 2. Laptop. Still Cameras. Tripods. No idea how much this will weigh.


El Rucio - Bastard Child of Pedals

Strange-Bike Trailer

Reverse-steer bike (hopefully we have this now but it's big and probably about 8kg

Chris has a rev-steer bike we can bring and a tag-along bar that might mean a normal bike can tow it but hasn't tested this idea yet...

2 Promo Trailers (one of these can be Charlotte's, which will also be helping tak some of Imo's load)

Fliers Bicycology Guides Bike deco kits

3x (so far) a2 display boards. currently the 8 most relevant pages of the guide blown up and 2 a3 photo pages on the g8bikeride and forest gate with brief blurbs

books - richards and the kids version, dorling kindersly thin thing, a marks and sparks book (thin and light), a guide to green tourism in the uk (like a magazine), similar guide to cycle events, babylon by bike copy, dear motorist zine, rising tide oil zine, kate evan's first comic and a few copse and other bits (all small)

we should also get a joblot of kate even's recent funny weathers. £20 for 100 or something. would be good to post to places.

"Beautiful Bicycle Trailer"-towed by imogen 60 M Reflective grosgrain ribbon Sticky sequins and mini pom-poms Velcro Needle and Thread 6x Scissors Bike specs colouring-in sheetsx100 Small amount of posters and flyers. Banners, laminated teaser posters Dr. Bike Tags x 140 1x large screen print poster and stickybacked velcro Many scraps of fabric, bottle caps PVA Glue Hammer and nails Jewelry wire tutu Plastic bags A Blanket for people to sit on. Facepaints and brushes Coloured chalks and chunky chalks Some lightweight bike related literature.

Tent Trailer



How many tents are we taking? If people have tents filled, maybe they can leave this...but if people either have a tent with space, or no tent...