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Name for Bicycology's week event in Lancaster

(all of them will have 'Lancaster & Morecambe' before after)

Bicycology Week – Cycling to Sustainability

Bicycology Week – Cycling and Sustainability

Bicycology Festival – Cycling to Sustainability

Bicycology Festival – Cycling and Sustainability

Cycling to Sustainability Festival

Bicycology presents... (then something like 'Cycling to Sustainability Festival')

Mel's suggestions:

The Bicycology Bike Base

The Bicycology Bike Park

The Bicycology Bike Shed

The Bicycology Bike Kitchen

The Bicycology Routes to Solutions Starting Point

Please throw out at ease. No good acronyms (except BBB-->boob). Think

i prefer The Bicycology Week of Bicycology.

James - mining old names for inserts the best options seem to be:

Bicycology presents... CycleAnalysis a festival of cycling and sustainability in Lanc & Morecambe

Bicycology presents... PedalFest... a festival of cycling and sustainability in Lanc & Morecambe (would that be too related to Pedal Power?)

or Bicycology presents... BikeLove... a festival of cycling and sustainability in Lanc & Morecambe

or Bicycology presents... Love & Sprockets... a festival of cycling and sustainability in Lanc & Morecambe

Tagline Debate

Current most used tagline is 'pedalling for the planet'

Below is the old debate for the puncture repair kits, won by "Cycling Now... For the Future

Lots of ideas for other stuff...

One suggestion for a tagline is "Bicycology Now ... or Apocalypse Soon"

Then there are loads of sugestions starting "Bicycology ...

  • or the old lady gets it
  • wheels and tools, not fossil fuels
  • we're no fossil fools
  • power to the pedals
  • we're wheelie weverlutionawy
  • it's wheelie good!
  • bike and planet maintenance
  • you need cycleanalysis!
  • environMentalists and Cyclepaths!
  • environMentalists not Cyclepaths!
  • several less cars
  • so your children can breathe
  • cycling now ... for the future
  • the philosophy of pedals and planet
  • the philosophy of bikes ... and the future of the planet
  • repairing punctures, the ozone layer, and deep geo-political rifts that have existed for centuries, and, before now, seemed intractable.
  • pedals to the future
  • pedalling to the future
  • pedalling for a sustainable future
  • pedalling for the planet
  • we've seen the future ... and it's full of bikes!
  • we've seen the future ... and it's pedal powered
  • bike love
  • from far away with bike love
  • love your bike, love the planet, love life/your enemy/cider/etc (possible order change)
  • for planet & pleasure
  • for pleasure & planet
  • let's ride
  • against cars ... against Western toilet values
  • love bikes ... love being able to breath
  • love and sprockets
  • humanity powered transport
  • there's political tracts on them there pannier racks...

do we still need the debate or just a list to use? could the list go on the website somehow (a different slogan on each page?) Inmyfootsteps 12:10, 21 September 2006 (BST)

For what its worth, while many of these are excellent, James feels that the one we choose should be one which can go in a banner thing with a crest-type logo (or we should at least have one like this, maybe another to go beneath the more formal, just Bicyclogy in the writing logo). I think bike & planet maintenance, so your children can breathe, power to the pedals, and wheels and tools not fossil fools fit this bill, while say, the philosophy or pedals and planet would suit the second type better. does that make sense? i really like bicycology now or the apocalypse soon, but maybe this could just be for a particular image/tshirt/page of the guide/wesbite (the climate change bit)

Chris feels that 'bike and planet maintenance' really doesn't cut it. It focuses too much on 'bike maintenance' and implies that the earth is a mechanical device we can thinker with to fix problems rather than respecting as a complex life form of which we are a microscopic part (most likely a cancerous one...) He preferes "so your children can breathe" as a shock tactic and to make the point most forcefully but has concerns about how many people, especially young ones, will receive it. His favourite, therefore, is 'Wheels and tools, not fossil fools' (though he retains reservations that this might encompass biodiesel as a global warming solution, which it isn't and even bio-cars still need manufacturing, roads and still kill folk...). He also thinks that writing about himself in the third person is strange, verging on the psychotic...

jack wonders about the other meanings of 'tool' particualarly the less flattering one (i.e "Cock") so might prefer not to have "wheels and tools not fossil fools" on a banner - but it does have a nice ring to it if the connotation doesn't strike. he likes like "cycling now for the future"; feels very positive. All of them would be great on a badge.

matt, so I've been told, thinks that Jack needs to grow up and stop being such a silly wolly. He also still thinks 'so your children can breath' or 'cycling now...for the future' and 'Bicycology Now...or Apocalypse Soon' remain most likely to get his vote, but I think that's just because they're his suggestions - fucking egoistic mule. He also doesn't understand James' banner/logo dualism, and requests clarification.

matt actually i resent me talking about myself like i wasn't here. ego schmego - i happen to think, despite its popularity, and being one of my creations, that cocks and tools not fossil fuels is rubbish. just a silly pun, with the word tool - which relates to nothing and everything - crowbarred in for rhymalocity...

charlotte talking: i agree with James - we can use differnt ones for different contexts - it depends who we're trying to talk to, some people see tool & think cock, some people see tool & think thing to fix my bike with. I've added a few more crap ones, was trying to play with 'Back to the Future', but not sure why now. I vote for:

'... bike & planet maintenance' for the puncture repair kit stickers (despite my agreement with this giving wrong idea about planet maintenance being the answer, i don't think very many people will think about it so deeply, but they will enjoy the simple poetry & image of the phrase & think bicycology & bikes are a good positive practical thing)

apocalypse & old lady & children breathing & fossil fools ones for t-shirts & other things like signs on bikes (as they are clever (ish) but less universally understood) (and Paddy can have his own t-shirt with wheeley weverlutionawy on it, and so we/i don't have to associate myself with it's cringeworthyness).

for our main 'official' one, or on the banner or whatever, i vote for: ... the philosophy of pedals and planet ( little boring, but more understandable, maybe)

James again - ´...repairing punctures, the ozone layer, and deep geo-political rifts that have existed for centuries, and, before now, seemed intractable´ is definately going on my t-shirt. what genius thought of that? to attempt to clarify my point about types of slogan (for matt´s sake) 1. to go in ´justified´ (no pun. honest) text beneath our bicycology font as in


bike is god

like that, but properly.

2. to go under a crest, in a flag-banner-pennant thing like this

 %\  B  /%
   \   /
    \ /
5bik is god5

does that help? im into this wiki stuff now! hope i didn´t take up too much space

aurora: I would go for several slogans... I really like the fossil fools one...the lady gets it (i've proved with my flatmates and myself that non native speakers don't get it until a native speaker explains it but...that's maybe even better!)...I like the apocalypsis one...for the serious one i like the philosophy of pedals and planet...if I had to chose a main one i would choose this one, but still not we really need a main one?? maybe it's nice to don't have a main slogan to express that bicycology is diverse and somehow opened to be redefined and defines itself across time, that it's more a process than something static and that can be understood differently by different people (if it's that all agree in that)??...people would come accross different slogans at different times and it would always made them think about different messages we want to put across...also if we are not sure yet about a main one I don't think we should take a quick decision...maybe people themselves decide for a main one (if it's that we want one)...maybe it could be interesting to make people choose which sticker they want in their puncture repair kit or when giving away stickers offer different options (if it's not too expensive to print more than one sticker)...and see what happens...see which one is more popular...or maybe it's just too complicated and confusing (they could all have the same design and just change the slogan to facilitate identification...but anyway all would say bicycology...)??...ignore all this if i'm not making any sense...writing dissertations (or trying to) seriously damages your brain!:ooo

Group Name debate

Extract from Minutes of November 2005 meeting at SUMAC:

Deciding on a group name!

- We debated names for the group, and considered the list of names we had come up with during the weekend.

- The name shortlist (in rough order of popularity) was: Bicycology, Cyclelogical, Wheels for Change, Pedal Posse, Cycle Circus, BikeFest, PedalFest, Pedals Collective, and Bicycle Brigade.

- We eventually decided upon Bicycology, with the roadshow to be called the Bicycology Roadshow.