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Bicycology/Lancaster All the information we collected about Lancaster, relevant to the Tourtoise

Bicycology/RTSTimetable Draft Timetable

Bicycology/WorkingGroups Space for working groups to keep everyone informed of what they're up to

Bicycology/Activities A page detailing the activites we are going to run, beginning with activity criteria

Bicycology/ProgrammeBlurbs Draft blurbs for the Tourtoise printed programme

Bicycology/Weekend Events A page especially for the two day events in Morecambe and Lancaster

Bicycology/lancaster Agenda Agenda for meeting weekend of the 19th July

Stuff to bring

Literature: Guide Pages, Other flyers, Books for Library (Plant-based Food & Nutrition, Anarchy & Action, Colin Ward)

AudioVisual: DVDs

Equipment: Projector and portable dvd player: available from Patrick if needed but may need to be taken by someone if Patrick isn't going.

Load-carrying: XtraCycle, Brox, Kiddie Trailer(s), Bikes 4 All (Charlotte's recycled one), Anne's new super-dooper one, Edinburgh Bike Coop (Im's & Aurora's), Flatbed (Dans? Matt & Aurora's?)

Energy Stuff: Energy Trailer, Energy Cube (James will bring - consists of cube with 12 V battery, 12" solar panel, 600W Invertor (goes in Im's trailer) - pedal generator and stand, 2 coaxial speakers, Car-cassette/radio amp (bike mounted, battery can also be bike mounted))

Misc energy sources/equipment: James will bring tiny solar panel for recharging AAs / powering small devices



Veg: James will organise visits to VO Farms to collect food for week and for food day

Staples: Bulk order? Single Step?