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The Bicycology Stockroom

Stock check: 14th April 2009

  • Guide Pages: 5 x A5 boxes of Assorted flyers (approx 600 leaflets in each box- 50 of each of the 12 leaflets) = 3000 leaflets left. (1 box in Swindon, unknown contents- not accounted for here)
  • At Imogen's house:

15x Bicycology Guide to Bicycology leaflets

4x One less car reflective jackets

60x Pedalling for the Planet Stickers

approx 500 bicycology A6 flyers

approx 500 bicycology 3-fold introduction leaflets

3 inches worth 2007 tour / explanation of activities posters

approx 100 each guide page (apart from the new ones from 2008 print-run)