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The New Bicycology Website

The purpose of this entry on the wiki is so we can try to collectively build a website that reflects our group. I've put a few headings bellow so that everyone can contribute in some way.

Thinking of printing

Thinking of printing?

Paper is blessed with two sides, why not use both? Keep old letters and leaflets, turn them over and run them through your printer!

If you have to get new paper, accept no less than 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper because this will:

  • use less energy, bleach and release fewer toxins in manufacture
  • save water
  • reduce waste to landfill and encourage the collection used papers for recycling
  • not be supporting the felling of trees to supply your worldly goods

If you are using a printer at a library or internet cafe, then why not ask them if they can stock 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper?

And as for ink...

Refilling your cartridge is cheaper, and re-uses the cartridge casing, don't be put off by scare stories bandied around by printer manufacturers, they are just trying to reap the profits of your loyal custom. Refilled cartridges are generally good quality and last just as long. You can even get a kit and do-it-yourself!

If you're being professional...

If you're thinking of printing some literature for your group professionally, but don't know where to start try for more information on paper, design tips, inks, printing techniques and printing companies.

Bicycology recommend Footprinters Workers Co-op and Severnprint and we print on a lovely speckled paper called "cyclus offset" of course!

Thankyou's page

Please feel free to add your thankyous for places we have stayed at, people who have helped us, who they are, and links to their websites or other contact details... Below is what's on the website as of 14.3.2008.

  • Artists Project Earth ( - for generously supporting our 2007 tour.
  • Bikes 4 all - for giving us a tour of their workshops and providing broken

bike bits for our bike jewellery making.

  • Big Green Gathering ( - for providing tickets

to allow Bicycology to be present at the 2006 and 2007 festivals.

  • Coventry Peace House - for supporting Bicycology and providing a place to

stay and the most amazing food on our 2006 tour

  • Cyclemagic - for the loan of the magnificent tall-bike and for bringing

the crazy bikes to the 2006 event in Leicester

  • Cycle Exeter - for supporting Bicycology's visit to Exeter in 2007
  • Dennis Gould - letterpress artist and poet, for printing us some

letterpress posters and spreading the word of Bicycology in the Stroud Valleys - and for general inspriation!

  • The Mint Methodist Church - for making us welcome in Exeter and giving us

a space to stay.

  • Low Impact Living Initiative, Redfield ( for providing

luxurious accomodation on the 2006 tour.

  • Newtown Community Association - for the use of their community centre to

keep us dry in Belmont Park, Exeter.

  • Oxford Cycle Workshop - for thrashing us at bike polo and letting us camp

in your garden.

  • RampArt's arts and social centre - for providing a venue and a roof over

our heads on many occasions.

  • Sumac centre - for hosting us and providing lovely veggies food and vegan


Offers to maintain pages

People offering to maintain content of a part of the site, with help from me if required

Ideas: general notions (three phrases, describing what you want the site to be)

Informative, Educational, Beautiful - Im

Clear, Fascinating, Current! - Jim

Ideas: suggestions

Ideas: site wide Concepts (larger more structured ideas for the site wich we largly(!) agree on)

Ideas: visual: (sketches and images of ideas)

Game: 'who ate what where'

Sorry to paddy, and Jack there are no pictures of you eating! You are iether two carmera shy, or don't eat enough.

1. James, imaginary birthday bakewell, exeter in the park, (this was not the last time it saw the light of day)

2.Ian, monkey penis, 06 tour.

3.Ian, Amy, Falafel (&tea) ,Anglesey

4.James, gingerbread people, ANglesey

5.Aurora, eating a bowl (possibly having had trifle in it),....

6.Im, takeaway?, Aylesbury 2007, Im, the original Battenburg, Ms Miles' Mansion.

7.Mel, any combination of any food you can think of, exeter?

8.MAtt, oatcake with humous or that wierd vegan cheese stuff, Exeter?


10. Dan, imaginary bakwell tart, exeter

11...., that pot pouree Mel kept feeding us,on a road somewhere

12.Anne and Craig, sharin a lovesnack

13.Tim? Sausage Sandwich?



16. Dan, salad, bristol

17...., stewed tiny plum, in the Vale of the White Horse - nr Swindon? Birstol-Kebele?


19.Bristol, Left-over lasagne?


21.Ms Miles, stewed tiny plum, Bristol?

22...., monkey penis,...

23.marmite sandwich?,Houmous and something sandwich, small boy (who made funky streamers for his tricycle), in Aylesbury

24.Matt, Cake?