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This page is somewhere to organise the planned Birmingham Indymedia screenings at the Custard Factory.

Drop Beats Not Bombs


  • Free parties, RTS etc.


  • Noborders
  • G8

Custard Factory

It was agreed to pick a topic for the initial period (2-3 months), so films and discussion are more related and the subject is thoroughly dealt with. This was agreed to be the "Terror War".

  1. 1st screening (Wed 16/5/2007): Oaxaca tour
  2. 2nd screening (Tues 29/5/2007): i the film
  3. 3rd screening (Tues 12th/6/2007): G8
  4. 9/11 and 7/7 (Tues 26th/6/2007): Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime OR September 11 Revisited, followed by 9-11 Open Your Eyes: the War on Terror is a Lie (talks) instead of speakers. 7/7: Ludicrous Diversions, followed by one or more speakers yet to be arranged.
  5. oil and war (date): The Oil Factor OR Oil, Smoke and Mirrors, followed by War and Globalization (a lecture by Michel Chossudovsky) if we don't find a suitable speaker.
  6. rendition and Guantanamo (date): To be arranged with the Guantanamo campaign people, who said they got some new stuff. Getting speakers for this shouldn't be a problem.

To Do

  • Get the films :-) preferrably high quality DVDs
  • Get speakers
  • Do a good, informative leaflet based on UK Indymedia's Terror War topic page