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Hacklabs, spreading the idea 11-09-04 13.00

What is a hacklab? See

Why is important a hacklab?

The technical and political environment

The hacker idea of sharing

Aspects of hacklab, Technical workshop, collaborating in political activities.

By Cain.

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- What is a hacklab? A hacklab is the expression of hacktivism, for the activist part on the use of computers and technology and from the hacker word, were lab is the best expression for a constant way of experimenting or creating something useful, in this case for the hacktivism and all the movement that surrounds it. Said this, we can say a hacklab couldi be many things, depending on the members of the own hacklab, as it can have many objectives.

why a hacklab The hacklab is a way of joining forces through all the activist people, as technology is involved in many activist events, being useful, on giving support to events of all types from a very different form, like creating free radios to diffuse information, organizations like riseup, providing colectives with the help they could need, having computers in their own place, creating from the same hacklab new colectives of people interested in ways of activist. Due to this varied situation, the hacklab could be useful like a Core for all the events, many events are organized for a particular group of people every year and it tends to be the same people organizing and going there, while the hacklab could provide support,workshops and many other things, to events known, and could be part of all the events happening like a common thing, therefore, involving people as well from all these groups of people in the hacklab improving the communication between diferent but common ideas, based in activist or tech ideas.

The Hacker stuff As a hacklab the people of the hacklab is curious by nature, and is always trying to learn new things, and as the famous words a hacker could be anyone who didn´t a touch a computer in his whole life, a hacker is someone with a certain attitude to learn from anything and of course share the knowledge, and learn by being sociable, helping others, and learning from each other. in the hacklabs you can find usually topics like, linux workshops, gimp ( courses,hacking workshops,wireless, radio workshops, webservers, and all this thing in the end is here because it is social and good for comunication between this groups. In the hackabs as well there are social days, were the people just talk and have fun, and they exchange ideas and projects to get involved together with many groups.

Spreading the idea.

The hacklabs have been for some years , and is a network, growing very fast, in madrid for instance there are 5 hacklabs on the same city! This is a city with 4 million of inhabitants so you could imagine a london with 10 hacklabs! this would mean that simultaneously you could have workshops every day of the week in different things! therefore atraccting many people and making more known the hacktivism and fighting the capitalism.

In the hacklabs I have been, we have been doing events with indymedia, events like the Hackmeeting gathering thousands of people in events with many talks and workshops is security for computers, hacking, ids, copyleft, free licences, creating events fully dedicated to the copy left and the idea of anticopyrights, informing about new laws, thing like the chips rfid .... The hackmetting of seville is going to be celebrated i nthe end of october. c4papers.

The important thing in the hacklabs is to be in a constant movement creating things and moving everywhere to get the support many small projects need, social centres and any other social and activist space needs, creating a similar network organized like indymedya but focusing as well the technology.