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Bonding Warehouse Resquatted

The Bonding Warehouse in York city centre was yet again squatted on Saturday December 9th, this time as an Autonomous Arts Space by a group of students from York University. A full calendar of events are planned up until December 16th when a final party is planned.

An email sent out by group explains: "The Bonding Warehouse has been a derelict building for years and to celebrate Christmas this year it has been turned into a social centre for the benefit of the local community. Why should a building like this be owned by just one person (who lets it rot) when it could be used for the benefit of the public?"

The social centre is proving to be very popular, with up to 25 people visiting at any one time and events being well attended.

Up until Wednesday 13th there was no sign of the owners (York Council) or the cops. However the council have expressed an interest in closing the centre down and a meeting was called to discuss the response.

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The bonding warehouse had been used as a nightclub venue until November 2000 when it was flooded. The lessees abandoned it and the owners, the City of York Council failed to force them to clean it up get out. In August 2004 the Bonding Warehouse was occupied by members of the York Peace Collective. The new owners plan to turn it into boutique shops.