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Proposed IMC Name (required):


Proposed Indymedia URL (required):

Current URL (if any):


City: York State/Province: Yorkshire Country: England


Contact Name (required): tracy Email (required): tracyyork at Phone:

Technical Contact

Technical Contact Name: ekes and john Email: ekes at , john.halewood at Phone:


Regional Focus? yes Issue Focus? Event Focus? Critical Dates?

Supporting Groups

List at the moment: York Against the War, York Palestine Solidarity Campaign, York Residents Against Incineration, York No ID, York Sport and Leisure Campaign, Castle Area Campaign, York eco action, York Unity...


Please write an introductory statement about why you want to participate in the Indymedia Network.

To share in, and contribute to, the network with the aim of furthering a platform to help co-ordinate, encourage and strengthen grassroots campaigning, which is progressive, open, and working for a more free and fair society.

Tech and Oranising

What kind of resources can you contribute, in terms of server/bandwidth/technical and organizing skills?

The can at the present provide it's own hosting, and is contributing to the Indymedia network in the development of Drupal as an IMC hosting CMS. Members of the collective are starting to learn their way round the rest of the network.


What kind of outreach have you done to bring together a diverse group of people?

Well into the process of contacting local groups - contact being made individually and through involvement (rather than blanket invites). One open meeting where they can input into the collective, promote their campaigns, get training for using Indymedia already held, with groups as diverse as eco campaign and pensioners bungalows campaign... Contacting to be continued...

Collective Makeup

How does the makeup of your collective reflect the diversity of the local community (e.g. in realtion to gender-, sexual-, spiritual-, and/or cultural-identity)?

Work needed in diversifying particularly in case of age, cultural identity. It has particularly been noted in respect of age. Since then more older people have been recently involved, younger people still under represented.

If your group currently does not represent the diversity of the local community, particularly in relation to groups who are underrepresented in mainstream society and denied access to vehicles of expression, what steps will be taken to address this on an ongoing basis?

See outreach. Also the production of a printed publication is being published

Individual development and tasks

What steps will be taken to involve individuals in workfields new to them? What measures will be taken to overcome a gendered work division?

Training using the site, more training sessions planned - including developing the site. Individuals encouraged to take part in UK and Global IMC lists and process (with help and background).