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SHEFFIELD: Protests against the Israeli assult on Lebanon


The Israeli war of agression against Lebanon has been now been going on for almost four weeks and there have been two protests against it in Sheffield, the first one was held on 22nd July and it involved a spontaneous march around the city cente in a downpour and the second was held on 2nd August, it involved a five-minute sit down protest in Pinstone Street and a speech from Jews against Zionism. On 5th August many people from Sheffield attended the London demo against Israeli attacks.

Israel has been targetting civilians, journalists, the UN and ambulances using cluster bombs, depleted uranium munitions, bunker busters flown in via Scotland and a catalogue of other illegal weapons, the USA is the main source of Israeli weapons. According to UNICEF: "Thirty per cent of those who have died are children and 45 per cent of those who are displaced are children".

The capture of two Israeli soliders, which has been used by Israel to justify the attack on Hizballah, has been shown to be a pretext: "Israel's assaults on the Occupied Territories and Lebanon were planned well in advance with the full knowledge and approval of the US." The Israeli government was given the green light to attack Lebanon by the United States and the other states attending the G8 in Russia. The US-Israeli goal for Lebanon appears to be, as a minimum, regime change or worse, total annihilation, as with the wars in Iraq and Afganistain the role of oil appears to be key. Wider Middle East war was predicted at the end of June and the unfolding events appears to be part of an imperialist carve up of the Middle East.

One response, from a branch of the CNT in France has been to say: "Just as we firmly denounce this military escalation, calling for an immediate cease-fire, and an end to the bombings, and withdrawal of Israeli troops from Lebanon and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, we believe, as internationalist workers, that one of our urgent tasks is to support the development of a third camp - the camp of the workers - in the Middle East, at one and the same time against imperialist domination and against Islamist oppression."


War on Iran has begun, it might go nuclear (this would be the first use of atomic bombs on civilians since 1945). Even if the military are against nuking Iran (link needed) it cannot be discounted, since the political the leaders are criminal (link needed) psychopaths.

Ideas for the anti-war movement in Iran.

Anarchists call for support for the development of a third camp and so does an Iranian exile socialist group.

Human Rights Watch has accused Israel of undertaking indiscriminate attacks against civilians in Lebanon in their August 2006 report Fatal Strikes Israel’s Indiscriminate Attacks Against Civilians in Lebanon. this needs checking out: IOF War Crimes: HRW Issues a Meaningless Report


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  • http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2002/01/21075.html 9/11: A Desperate Provocation By U.S. Capitalism - Max Kolskegg (The War on Terrorism is a fraud. Its purpose is to maintain carte blanche for the ever more desperate agenda of American capital: the domination of the continent of Eurasia, and the crushing of the Left worldwide, especially its anti-capitalist core.)


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