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Aktivix offers Email and Mailing Lists

AktiviX provides email boxes and Mailman Mailing lists for individuals and groups broadly aligned with "Who/what is AktiviX?". More detail is provided in the Aktivix:SocialContract.

  • Email addresses are username(at)aktivix.org, mailing lists are listname(at)lists.aktivix.org

Requesting an Email or Mailing List

Send email clearly stating the name of the mailbox or list required to aktivix-request@lists.aktivix.org. Not all names are possible, so be prepared to change. It is nice of you state your request simply in the subject line, such as: Subject: request for email account, or Subject: request for list for XYZ group/purpose, because it makes it easier to separate it from sp@m.

Service requests have been provided on a "Friend of a friend" basis. If you don't know anybody here join the mailing lists and irc channels (irc.indymedia.org | #aktivix) and introduce yourself. See Aktivix:CommunityNetwork for more info. However, we have offered to help host a broader range of groups recently, so you can now request a list by mailing the aktivix-request@lists.aktivix.org list and, if you get a seconder and if there is no dissent, it'll be created.

Anyone with an email address and all list admins are required to join an announce only list. This enables the workers to provide advance notice of service changes.

There is also an acceptable use policy that you must agree to.

How quick is Aktivix to sort my account or list?

The aktivix services are provided by volunteers, so it is impossible to provide any guarantees around timescale of implementation or service levels. But hey, we are a friend of your friend, so we will do our best! :)

How can I get something removed from a list archive?

see https://lists.burngreave.net/pipermail/list-admins/2005-February/000009.html

send exact details of the post you would like editing and the text you would like it replacing with.

I'm a list admin, are there any help pages?

We are for now recommending the manuals that Mailman, the software we use for lists, provide:




Information on administrative tasks is held on this page: Aktivix:AdminProcedures