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Aktivix currently offers mailing list hosting and personal @aktivix.org email addresses. In the future other services may be added such as web hosting

Initially, the ambition was to start some sort of commmunity server project. However, most work has focussed on growing our services slowly and trying to forge links with Aktivix:FriendsAndOthers around the world. Now, we are looking at expanding the project again - it could take many forms so give your input and help create it on AktiviX:CommunityServer


This is the Aktivix mediawiki site. There is a discussion about licensing models for the Wiki on AktiviX:Copyrights. See MediaWiki Install for notes on how this wiki has been set up.

Aktivix is not currently able to offer hosting of mediawiki sites for other groups as well, but hopes to in the future: see the MediaWiki Hosting page.


There is now an #aktivix irc channel on the irc.indymedia.org server. For more on how to irc try the IRCHowTo or join using the web interface.


see https://network23.org instead

Online Storage

see Aktivix:OwnCloud

Mailing Lists and Email

These are detailed more fully on the Aktivix:EmailAndLists page, but in brief, the details are as follows:


Email lists for activists are be available at lists.aktivix.org

Application was by using the Friend of a Friend protocol. However, we have offered to help host a broader range of groups recently, so you can now request a list by mailing the aktivix-request@lists.aktivix.org list and if you get a seconder and if there is no dissent it'll be created.

The AktiviX:AUP (acceptable use policy) is based heavily on that of riseup.net.


yourname @ aktivix.org email accounts are available. As with the lists, ask on the request list aktivix-request@aktivix.org and maybe on the irc channel, too. See the AktiviX:AUP, AktiviX:Email and AktiviX:Help:Mail for more info.


aktivix has established a Aktivix:BankAccount bank account - see Aktivix:DonationDetails.